Dec 09, 2023  
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSY 4331 - Counseling Psychology

Credits: 3 hrs
This course focuses on the dynamics of psychological counseling and how this service is organized and administered in a wide variety of clinical, industrial, educational, governmental and organizational settings. The student is exposed to a number of different counseling theories and techniques and is expected to gain a critical appreciation of each. Some topics developed in this course are: counselor preparation and personality traits, counselor supply and demand, licensure, career patterns, group counseling, ethical and legal issues, clientele, and future trends.
Note(s): Students may not earn credit for both PSY 4331 and EDU 4331.
Pre-requisite(s): PSY 1301 , PSY 3306  or PSY 3329 , and at least 12 hours in psychology.