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2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HCM 3320 - Community-Based Health Intervention Practicum

The purpose of this practicum experience is to allow students to apply and integrate the foundational intervention skills learned in the pre-requisite course, HCM 3310  or EXS 3312  Community-Based Health Intervention Planning. Under the direct supervision the instructor of record, students will implement evidence-based behavioral interventions within community-based settings. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be certified as lifestyle intervention coaches with a focus on a specific health intervention curriculum. This course is designed to teach students to facilitate evidence-based health interventions within low-income populations with elevated risk for chronic disease. As part of the practicum experience, students will engage in participant recruitment, participate in pre- and post-program data collection, implement evidence-based intervention curriculum, and monitor participant engagement and progress related to changes in health-related behaviors.
Pre-requisite(s): HCM 3310  or EXS 3312  
Student Learning Outcome: Critical Thinking, Scientific Literacy, Oral Communication
Cross-listed as EXS 3320  
Latest Update(s) Approved by Academic Standards and Curriculum: November 20, 2018
Effective Date: January 2019