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2020-2021 Supplemental Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Supplemental Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR 7403 - Advanced Tripartite Immersion Practicum (130 Practicum Hours)

Credits: 4 hrs
This course provides students with learning experiences in a variety of clinical settings tailored to the student’s identified area of specialization. The experiences are intended to support students in the analysis, application, and evaluation of knowledge gained through foundational DNP course work in clinical practice. Faculty led seminars are designed to assist students to reflect on best practice approaches and their consequences and to generate  creative solutions to barriers that interfere with the delivery of equitable, evidence-based, patient-centered care.
Prerequisite(s): NUR 7308 - Applied Biostatistics for Evidence-Based Practice , NUR 7302 - Research Transition   
Course Objectives:
  1. Build advanced practice skills at the individual, family, community or system level while simultaneously integrating practice inquiry and leadership at a selected practice site.
  2. Synthesize concepts, theories and methodologies of quality improvement theory, populations health and evidence-based practice to conduct a systems assessment in collaboration with agency staff.
  3. Demonstrate scholarly inquiry by identifying a clinical phenomenon related to advanced specialty practice that benefits health outcomes at the group, population, community or systsm levels that integrates leadership and utilization of evidence.
  4. Generate a literature review related to the identified clinical phenomenon applying analytical methods to critically evaluate the existing literature to determine evidence supporting the need for the DNP project.
  5. Integrate ethical frameworks in the analysis of specific case studies in health care that may pose ethical dilemmas and apply evidence-based approaches to the discovery of solutions.
  6. Integrate evidence-based approaches in examining health care practices.
  7. Initiate a practice portfolio to validate attainment of program competencies.

Co-requisite: NUR 7302 - Research Transition