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2021-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MHA 6310 - Human Resources and Conflict Resolution in Healthcare Environment

Credits: 3 SH
This course integrates key healthcare human resource management and conflict resolution competencies through the MHA Program’s Integrated Competency Based Educational (CBE) delivery methodology, which includes readings, case studies, presentations, and simulations, where students learn and practice competencies for human resource management, as well as the prevention and resolution of conflicts that arise in the healthcare setting. For example, the course addresses competencies healthcare administrators need to create a human resource department that values and supports diversity, across the key healthcare human resource functions of work force recruitment and hiring, job analysis and design, performance appraisal, staff training and development, salary administration, employee morale and welfare, labor relations and laws, and maintaining employee related information and files. Conflict resolution will include, but are not limited to physician/hospital disputes, discrimination and diversity, employee conflicts, payor-provider disputes, and quality of care issues. Students engage in negotiation, and mediation exercises, with attention to recognition of competing interests and disparate bargaining power. 
Prerequisite(s): MHA 5303  Healthcare Law, Ethics & Policy; MHA 5305  Health Care Finance & Decision Analysis I; MHA 5310  Healthcare Information Systems Management; MHA 6312  Health Care Finance & Decision Analysis II; MHA 6315  Patient Centeredness & Change;MHA 6318   Grant Management & Writing; Strategic Planning & Marketing; MHA 6330  Healthcare Professional Relations; and, MHA 6337  Population Health Planning & Implementation. 
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