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2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Major in Chemistry

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry shares Winston-Salem State University’s mission of student success by providing excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. Courses in the major program, along with those in the General Education, provide opportunities for students to develop skills required for success in the work world and in graduChemistry majors and minors may join the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate (ACS, professional chemistry society) or Phi Lambda Epsilon (PLU, national chemistry honor society). In 2014/2015 year, the ACS Student Affiliate was awarded  an Honorable Mention for its activities.


The Department of Chemistry is focused on providing opportunities for students to develop academic and hands-on research skills to enhance their competitiveness in: 1) the global STEM workforce, 2) gain admission into graduate program in chemistry and advanced studies in forensic chemistry, and 3) gain admission into health-professional programs including medical, pharmacy, dental and veterinary schools.


The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to offer relevant and vibrant major programs in Chemistry and minor programs in Chemistry and Physics. The Department also offers service courses in general chemistry, physical science, environmental science and physics for students in related areas and to fulfill components of the general education core curriculum.    

Departmental Goals

  1. To prepare students for graduate/professional school admission or entry-level professional positions.
  2. To provide effective advising and mentoring.
  3. To model effective teaching methods which promote student learning.
  4. To promote and facilitate faculty productivity in the scholarship of teaching, learning and research.
  5. To provide a variety of courses in chemistry, physical science, environmental science and physics as part of the core and service curricula.
  6. To provide service to the University and the community.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate a comprehension of fundamental chemical and scientific principles.
  2. Students will be able to apply the fundamental chemical and scientific principles.
  3. Students will be able to apply critical-thinking and analytical reasoning in order to identify and solve chemical problems
  4. Students will be able to effectively and professionally communicate scientific findings.

Major Requirements and Courses

The Chemistry department offers a flexible BS Degree in Chemistry as well as a BS Degree in Chemistry with one of four concentrations: 1) General Chemistry, Non-ACS Certified; 2) Pre-Health Professions Concentration, Non-ACS Certified; 3) ACS Certified; and 4) Biochemistry Concentration, ACS Certified.

Students majoring in Chemistry must satisfy the General Education (GE) course requirements (60 cr. hrs.), complete the required courses as specified by the student’s chosen Chemistry degree track, and take electives for a minimum total of 120 semester hours. Courses noted by an asterisk (*) may also be taken as part of the GE requirements. Required major courses include 26 or 27 hours of Foundation courses, 11-18 hours of Breadth courses, CHE 4341  (Senior Seminar), and 6-21 hours of Depth courses  in the selected Chemistry track. 

A minimum grade of C- is accepted as a passing grade for individual courses in the major; however, students are required to attain an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 in chemistry courses. The C- or better also applies to courses that require prerequisites. Students are advised to check the catalog or chemistry webpage for prerequisites and/or co-requisites for courses before attempting to register for them.

Minor Requirements

Chemistry Minor

A minimum of 20 semester hours in chemistry are required for chemistry minor.

Physics Minor

A minimum of 19 semester hours in physics are required for physics minor.


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