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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Management Major, BS

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Program Description

It is the mission of the sport management program to prepare students for entry-level positions in the business of sport, such as event facilities/arenas management, intercollegiate athletics management, sport organization management, sporting goods sales, sport communication, broadcasting and sports promotions.

The major in Sport Management allows students to pursue a broad core program and one of three areas of specialization: Marketing and Promotion, Management and Administration, or Sport Communications. Courses in the core program are interdisciplinary and are taken in the Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences, the School of Business and Economics, and the Department of Mass Communications.  

Student Learning Outcomes

1.       Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of sound business procedures and administrative problems related to sports.

2.       Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of rules and regulations, policies and procedures of various sports.

3.       Graduates will demonstrate skills in staff relations, personnel matters and public relations.

4.       Graduates will have practical experiences in event management, fund raising and facility management.

5.       Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in written form.

Major Requirements

Majors are required to complete 42 semester hours of core coursework in SPM and related fields. In addition, 18 semester hours are required for each of the concentration areas. A minimum grade of C or better is required in each major course, including concentration courses.

Majors are encouraged and expected to participate in university and community service as it relates to sport management and other fields such as recreation, athletics, marketing and various business and management related areas.

Pre-requisite Courses

MGT 1304 Introduction to Business (GE)

ECO 2311 Principle of Microeconomics (GE)

Major Core Courses (42 semester hours)

SPM 1301 Introduction to Sport Management      

SPM 2303 Issues and Ethics in Sport            

SPM 3301  Sport Marketing and Promotion          

SPM 3308  Facility Management and Design         

SPM 3310  Governance in Sport                        

SPM 3311  Finance and Economic in Sport           

SPM 3312  Sport Communication                       

SPM 3346  Legal Environments of Sport             

SPM 4302  Sport Management Seminar / Practium             

SPM 4306  Organization and Management           

SPM 4601  Internship in Sport Management

Marketing and Promotion Concentration (18 semester hours)

MCM 2325 Introduction to Mass Communications

ACC 2316 Principles of Financial Accounting                     

MGT 3321 Principle of Management                   

MKT 3331 Principles of Marketing                        

MCM 4351 Broadcast Marketing                        

MKT 4302  Selling and Sales Management OR                    

MKT 3334 Integrated Marketing Communications OR                 

MKT 3335 Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior

MKT 3332 Principles of Retailing

Management and Administration Concentration (18 semester hours)

ACC 2316 Priniciples of Financial Accounting

MCM 2325 Introduction to Mass Communication

MGT 3321 Principle of Management

BCO 2311 Business Communications                    

MGT 4348 Human Resource Management and Employment Law          

MKT 3331 Principle of Marketing                    

Sport Communications Concentration (18 semester hours)

MCM 3311 Studio Production OR MCM 3370 Field Production                 

MCM 3325 Media Writing                 

MCM 3321 Media Presentation                                  

MCM 2341 Digital Convergence

MCM 2325 Introduction To Mass Communication

MCM 3308 Journalism Language, Style & Literacy OR

MCM 3342 Media, Communication and Culture & OR

MCM 3305 Mass Media Management

Related/Suggested Electives

SPM 3130  Independent Study                          

Major Course Sequence

SPM 1301  Introduction to Sport Management (fall semester only)

SPM 2303 Issues And Ethics In Sport (Fall & Spring Semester)

SPM 3301  Ethics in Sport (Sport Marketing & Promotion)

SPM 3308 Facility Management & Design (Fall & Spring Semester)

SPM 3310 Governance in Sport (Fall & Spring Semester)

SPM 3311 Finance & Economic In Sport (Fall Semester only)

SPM 3312 Sport Communication (Spring Semester Only)

SPM 3346 Legal Environment of Sport (Spring Semester Only)

SPM 4302 Sport Management Seminar/Practicum (Fall & Spring Semester)

SPM 4306 Organization & Administration (Fall & Spring Semester)

SPM 4601 Internship in Sports management (Fall, Spring Semester and Summer I and Summer II)


All students must have completed their course work before they are eligible to do their internship. (SPM 4601 Internship in Sport Management)

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