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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Co-Op

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Major Course Sequence

1. General Education Prerequisites: 3 hr total (must take before any Major Psychology course):

PSY 2301 Introduction to the Psychological Sciences (3 hr)

2. Major Psychology Courses (41 credit hours minimum)

                 A. Core Psychology Courses: 16 hr total (must take each of the following courses):

PSY 2430 Writing for the Psychological Sciences (4 hr)

PSY 3401 Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I (4 hr)

PSY 4401 Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology II (4 hr)*

PSY 4440 Senior Seminar in Psychology (4 hr)*

Note: PSY 2340 and PSY 3401 may be taken at the same time.


B.        Foundations Courses: 15 hr total (must take 2 courses from 2 foundation areas and 1 course from 1 foundation area below):

Biological and Cognitive Foundations

               PSY 3301 Biological Psychology

               PSY 3305 Motivation and Emotion

               PSY 3308 Cognitive Psychology

               PSY 3346 Principles of Learning

               PSY 3348 Sensation and Perception

Social and Developmental Foundations

               PSY 3302 Adolescence

               PSY 3303 Aging

               PSY 3307 Social Psychology

               PSY 3309 Cross-Cultural Psychology

               PSY 3336 Lifespan Development

Community, Health, and Counseling Foundations

               PSY 3321 Introduction to Community Psychology

               PSY 3306 Abnormal Psychology

               PSY 3310 Health Psychology

               PSY 3316 Principles of Psychological Testing

               PSY 4331 Counseling Psychology

C.           Seminar Courses with Labs: 4 hr total (must take 1 seminar course with lab from the list below:

               PSY 4409 Seminar in Biological Psychology (4 hr)

               PSY 4405 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology (4 hr)

               PSY 4407 Seminar in Community Psychology (4 hr)

               PSY 4411 Seminar in Counseling Psychology (4 hr)

               PSY 4439 Seminar in Social Psychology (4 hr)

D.           Electives in PSY: 6 hr total (take any 2 psychology courses not taken above).

*These courses must be taken after the student receives a C grade or better in PSY 2430, Writing for the Psychological Sciences, and PSY 3401, Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I. All other courses may be taken concurrently in any given semester after Introduction to Psychological Sciences is completed.

No minor is required from another discipline if a student majors in Psychology.

Number of Semester Hours Required for the Major

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in the psychological sciences are required to take 41 semester hours in the discipline beyond the General Education course Introduction to the Psychological Sciences (PSY 2301).

The 41 hours counted toward program completion in the psychological sciences must have a grade or ”C” or better. See paradigm or major courses above.

Minor in Psychology: Requirements

A minimum of 18 semester hours is required for a minor in Psychology. PSY 2301 is prequisite to nearly all other courses in psychology. Minors may not enroll in PSY 2430, PSY 3401, PSY 4401, PSY 4440, PSY 4453 or PSY 4336.

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