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2020-2021 Supplemental Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Supplemental Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education/Teaching - MAT

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Master of Arts in Teaching                                

                    teaching; inspirational                                                                                                                                                        

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a 33 to 39-credit hour graduate program that generally leads to an advanced (M-level) teaching license.  The MAT is designed primarily for individuals with a non-teaching bachelor’s degree and seek a teaching license.  

The Master of Arts in Teaching, based in the Department of Education within the College of Arts, Science, Business, and Education (CASBE), has four specialty areas/tracks: Birth through Kindergarten Education (BKE), Middle Grades Education (MGE), Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), and Special Education (SPE).  The BKE, MGE, and SPE tracks lead to NC teacher certification.  Currently, the TESL does not lead to an initial license. 

Each specialty area track is comprised of two phases. 

Phase I courses prepare candidates for an initial teaching license in their chosen area. Field experiences in P-12 classrooms, satisfying content area credit hour requirements are part of this phase, state required assessments. Candidates must plan their schedules to accommodate these experiences. 

Phase II courses provide graduate preparation for the Standard Professional License II. 

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates will:

  1. Provide effective instruction as indicated by aligning their lessons with content standards or learning targets, building upon students’ prior knowledge and/or skills, and provide and justify supports for learning.
  2. Engage learners in a respectful learning environment as demonstrated by creating a culturally responsive environment, actively engaging the learner, and assisting the learner in developing a deep understanding of the material and/or skill related to the learning goal.
  3. Use assessments to improve learning as demonstrated by analyzing their pedagogical practices and the learners’ performance, providing effective feedback, and incorporating assessment data into future planning to identify ways to improve student engagement.
  4. Use research-based practices to impact their instruction positively.
  5. Create positive change in the profession by advocating for students, promoting professional growth, and working collaboratively with peers.

Admission Requirements

Following are the general admission requirements:

  • Hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution,
  • Have a mimimum GPA of 2.75, with a preferred GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • A completed WSSU graduate application, along with submission of all required documents.
  • Interview with MAT program coordinator or designee,
  • For individuals seeking MGE teacher certification, a Transcript Analysis of Content Area is also required.


For all programs, candidates are required to be competent in basic technology.  Additionally, those in the Special Education track are required to have an introduction to special education class, and those in the Middle Grades track must have the content area coursework required for certification.

Program Structure and Summary 


Total Number of Semester Hours……………33-39 credit hrs

Common MAT coursework……………………. 18–21 credit hrs

Discipline Specific coursework……………………… 15 credit hrs


2020 MAT Program of Study Form

The MAT coursework comprised of the common required MAT courses and Specialty Area courses:

EDU 5301  Effective Teaching Skills and Classroom Management

EDU 5303  Psychology of Teaching and Learning

EDU 5340  Teaching Diverse Classrooms

EDU 6163  Special Graduate Issues***

EDU 6311  Teachers as Leaders

EDU 6321  Educational Research and Assessment 

EDU 6323  MAT Internships***

***These courses must be taken concurrently and are required for those seeking a teaching license.

Discipline Specific Courses

Birth to Kindergarten (BKE)

BKE 5325    Developmentally Appropriate Instruction and Assessment for Infants and Toddlers

BKE 5328    Developmentally Appropriate Instruction and Assessment for Preschool and Kindergarten

BKE 5345    Social Justice Advocacy and Public Policy in Early Childhood Education

BKE 6330    Child and Family Observation, Documentation, and Assessment

BKE 6335    Language and LIteracy in Early Childhood

SPE 6304    Building Collaborative Family, School, and Community Relationships

Teaching English as Second Language Track Coursework (ESL)

ESL 5310   Language Acquisition and Language Learning * 

ESL 5311   Language and Culture in ESL * 

ESL 5312   Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation of ESL *

ESL 5313    Principles and Methods of Teaching ESL * 

ESL 6315    Advanced Grammar for ESL Teachers * 

ESL 6302    Special Topics in ESL 

Middle Grades Track Coursework (MGE)

EDU 6301    Curriculum Development and Cultural Diversity or MGE 6316 or MGE 6317 - Discipline specific teaching methods course

MGE 5360    Middle School Philosophy and Organization 

MGE 5370    Early Adolescent Learners 

RED 5311    Teach Literacy across the Curriculum

EDU 6325    Advanced Concepts Topics in Curriculum & Instruction

SPE 6304    Building Collaborative Family, School, and Community Relationships 

Special Education Track Coursework (SPE)

SPE 5315    Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties for Exceptional Students

SPE 5320    Methods for Teaching Mathematics to Students with Special Needs 

SPE 5321    Understanding Students with High Incidence Disabilities

SPE 5322    Instructional Strategies for Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilties

SPE 6310    Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Special Needs 

SPE 6304    Building Collaborative Family, School, and Community Relationships 

Progression Requirements and Time Limit for Completion

MAT candidates must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program and earn no more than two grades of “C” to remain in good standing in the MAT program. Candidates have six (6) years to complete the program.

Departmental Links

Department of Education Webpage

Graduate Programs Webpage

Master of Arts in Teaching Webpage



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