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2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art Major, BA

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The goals of the Art Major are the following:

  • To offer a program that includes comprehensive studies in computer graphics and studio art.
  • To prepare individuals for various art-related careers.
  • To provide adequate preparation for the pursuit of graduate work in art.
  • To contribute to the visual culture and heritage of the University and community.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the major, the student will be able to:

  1. Develop a language in the visual arts through the creation of their own art.
  2. Articulate the diverse and global context of art through effective written communication skills.
  3. Students develop their artwork for presentation in an exhibition and career development.

Major Requirements

The major programs in art include an option in Computer Graphics or Studio Art requiring a minimum of 39 semester hours (SH).  There are 15 semester hours required of all art majors in foundation courses including the two pre-requisite art courses, which can be taken in general education. Each option has a required set of courses and then allows a choice of four courses from among a set of electives. Students in either concentration may take additional art electives. Participation in the Senior Exhibit is a requirement of all art majors for graduation (see specific requirements below). Students are encouraged to pursue a minor in another field, but no minor is required.

Art majors must earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each required course in their respective content areas.


Foundation Courses (15 semester hours)

These courses should be taken in the freshman and sophomore years in order to be prepared for upper-level electives in the

junior year, prior to participating in the senior seminar sequence.

ART 1311 - Drawing I  

ART 1314 - Introduction to Computer Art and Design  

ART 1316 - 2D Design  

ART 2301 - Art History I  

ART 2302 - Art History II  

Breadth courses (18 credit hours)

ART 3305 - African-American Art  

ART 3354 - Digital Photography  

ART 4398 - Senior Art History Seminar  

Depth Courses- (9 credit hours)

Studio Arts Track Computer Graphic Track

Course Number/ 

Course Title

Credit Hours

Course Number/ 

Course Title

Credit Hours
ART 2312 - Drawing II   ART 2352 - Typography   3
ART 3390 - Studio Practice Seminar I   ART 3390 - Studio Practice Seminar I   3
ART 4399 - Studio ART Seminar   3 ART 4399 - Studio ART Seminar   3
Total credit hours 42 Total credit hours 42

Art Elective Courses for Studio Art Option

ART 2317 - 3D Design   

ART 2331 - Painting I   

ART 2309 - Latin American Wormen Artists   

ART 3332 - Painting II    

ART 3354 - Digital Photography    

ART 3370 - Special Topics in Art History    

ART 3371 - Printmaking Methods    

ART 3372 - Printmaking Production    

ART 3380 - Special Topics in Studio Art   

ART 3390 - Studio Practice Seminar I   

ART 4093 - Art Internship   

ART 4307 - Contemporary Art Seminar   

ART 4320 - Digital Photography II   

ART 4385 - Studio Practice Seminar II   

ART 4387 - Visual Studies Seminar    

Art Elective Courses for Computer Graphics Option

ART 2309 - Latin American Wormen Artists    

ART 1315 - Electronic Imaging   

ART 2317 - 3D Design   

ART 2322 - Vector Graphics for Designers   

ART 2352 - Typography   

ART 3343 - Graphic Design I    

ART 3333 - Computer Animation I    

ART 3354 - Digital Photography    

ART 3381 - Special Topics in Computer Graphics    

ART 4093 - Art Internship    

ART 4310 - Multimedia Editing   

ART 4320 - Digital Photography II    

ART 4346 - Graphic Design II    

Senior Art Exhibit Criteria for Art Majors

During the senior year art majors are required to participate in the preparation and mounting of the Senior Exhibit at the Diggs Gallery prior to graduation. Candidates must submit a representative number of completed artworks showing competence in their area of study and take part in exhibition activities as planned. Activities include creating exhibition promotional materials, exhibit design, and hosting of opening reception. Five hours per week.

Pre-requisites: Must be a senior and have the approval of the Department of Art + Visual Studies faculty.

Candidates are required to submit exhibition quality works by the date specified prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Works submitted for exhibition consideration are reviewed and approved by faculty of the Department of Art + Visual Studies. Students are responsible for the expense of the creation of their work (i.e. materials and production expenses) as well as any presentation expense (i.e. framing).

Accepted works must:

  1. Exhibit an acceptable level of craftsmanship and skill.
  2. Demonstrate artistic merit.
  3. Fulfill one or more functions that fall in the following categories: educational, aesthetic, historical, social, and political.

Students work together to design and mount the exhibition and host the opening reception. In addition to the exhibition requirement, students must participate in the following activities in preparation for the exhibition.

  1. Design posters to advertise the exhibition.
  2. Design and distribute announcements.
  3. Frame or make artworks display ready.
  4. Design exhibit with curator and staff of Diggs Gallery.
  5. Paint walls, stands, etc. as necessary.
  6. Host opening reception.
  7. Disassemble show.

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