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2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies Major, BIS

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Program Description

The major in Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) is housed in the Department of Liberal Studies. It is designed to offer students a Liberal Education that develops abilities in the university’s identified learning outcomes while requiring studies in multiple academic disciplines. Employers consistently communicate a need for critical thinkers who are able to provide innovative solutions to increasingly complex problems which is facilitated by a diverse educational background. The program serves as an outstanding option for traditional students with diverse personal and professional aspirations and non-traditional students/professionals seeking to complete a baccalaureate degree aligned with a Liberal Studies philosophy.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate appropriate communication conventions through assignments in research, writing and presentation.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to learning and scholarship through historical, regional, thematic or problem-focused study.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate development or refining of abilities in critical and creative thinking/problem solving


BIS majors are required to complete 6 hours of IDS courses and satisfy the requirements for primary and secondary areas of study. Students must earn a minimum grade of a “C-” in all courses taken in the major.

Foundation (3 hours)

The Foundation courses offer an introduction to a Liberal Education. The university’s General Education requires the completion of Learning Outcomes and Areas of Knowledge that are important to the development of creative problem solvers. The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) elective introduces students to the concept of interdisciplinarity.

  • General Education requirements (60 hours)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) elective

Breadth (12 hours)

Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to pursue a Secondary Area of Study and major electives to complement the Primary Area of Study with the goal of developing students who have a broad range of skills and knowledge to succeed in the rapidly evolving economy.

  • Secondary Area of Study: a minimum of 9 hours in an area of study.
  • Major electives: a minimum of 3 hours in another program area.

Depth (21 hours)

The goal of the Depth Studies is to provide students the opportunity to focus their studies in a content area. The primary purpose of the capstone course is to give students an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of a Liberal education through the completion of a research project based on their previous studies.

  • Primary Area of Study: a minimum of 18 hours in an area of study with at least 12 at the 3000/4000 level.
  • Senior Capstone: IDS 4370  – Research in Interdisciplinary Studies

Integrative Studies Concentration – On-Line

The Interdisciplinary Studies Integrative Studies track is available as a Distance Learning program through the Department of Liberal Studies. The 36 SH requirement includes IDS 3383 , Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies; IDS 4370 , Research in Interdisciplinary Studies; IDS 4371 , American South in Popular Culture, and 27 SH in other approved courses drawn primarily from the Humanities and Social Sciences.


Because of the strong liberal arts component to this program, students must complete the General Education requirements prior to enrollment in the upper level Integrative Studies

Integrative Studies Depth Study


Course Number Course Title
ART 3305   African American Art
PHI 2301   Introduction to Philosophy
IDS 3310   Native American Studies I
IDS 3323   Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World
IDS 3383   Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
IDS 4370   Research in Interdisciplnary Studies
IDS 4371   The American South in Popular Culture
SOC 3343   Cultural Diversity
SOC 4311   Sociology of the African-American
MUS 3339   Afro-American Music
MUS 3340   Non-Western Music
ENG 3321   Grammars of English
ENG 3347   Topics in Language & Literature
ENG 3381   Black Writers in American Literature

Substitutions can be made for the above courses in consultation with an academic advisor.

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