Mar 19, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Motorsport Management Major, BS

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Program Description (Mission, Purpose, or Goals)

The motorsports field is serious business, requiring special knowledge and skills and real-world learning experience—experience students can acquire through the motorsports management program. This unique bachelor’s degree program goes beyond the garage and takes students to the front office of the teams, tracks, sponsors, suppliers, and companies that fuel the sport.

WSSU is the only four-year public university in the country that offers a bachelor of science degree program in motorsports management. As the only HBCU in the nation to offer a degree in motorsports management, WSSU is complementing NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program to include more minorities and women in the higher levels of motorsports. With numerous opportunities throughout the curriculum for hands-on experience and collaborative learning, program completers are well prepared for entry-level positions in Motorsports Operations, Motorsports Marketing, Sponsorship, and Event Planning. WSSU’s solid relationships across the racing industry provide wholesome experiential learning in the motorsports field and help ensure enhanced career placement after graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the motorsport management degree program, graduates will be able to:

1.    Effectively manage personnel, teams, and facilities specific to the international motorsport industry;

2.    Communicate effectively, both orally and written, within their chosen motorsport organization;

3.    Demonstrate professionalism and success in management of the motorsport industry; and,

4.    Solve management-related problems within the motorsport industry setting.

General Major Requirements

Students majoring in motorsports management must satisfy the general education course requirements, complete the required major courses outlined and take electives for a minimum 120 semester hours in order to graduate. A minimum grade of C or better is required in each major course.


Major Courses (60 Semester hours)

Foundation Courses (12 Semester hours)

ACC 2316 Principles of Financial Accounting (3 SH)

MSM 2302 Technical Aspects of Motorsports (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 2304 Public Relations and Media Marketing in Motorsport (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 2306 Principles & Practices in Motorsports Management (3 SH) (Fall semester only)

Breadth Courses (18 semester hours)

MGT 3321 Principles of Management (3 SH)

MKT 3331 Principles of Marketing (3 SH)

SPM 3301 Sport Marketing and Promotion (3 SH)

SPM 3331 Finance and Economics of Sport (3 SH)

SPM 3311 Legal Environment of Sport and Recreation (3 SH)

SPM 4306 Organization and Management (3 SH)

Depth Courses (18 semester hours)

MSM 3301 Sponsorship in Motorsport (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 3302 Race Shop Management (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 3303 Facility Design and Crowd Management (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 3304 Hospitality Management in Motorsport (3 SH) (Spring semester only)

MSM 4301 Operational Logistics in Motorsport (Fall semester only)

MSM 4302 Motorsports Management Seminar (3 SH) (Fall semester only)

Internship (12 semester hours)

MSM 4303 Internship in Motorsports Management (12 SH)


Pre-Requisite General Education Courses for Major courses

BCO 2311 Business Communications (3 SH) (Pre-requisite for MKT 3331 Principles of Marketing) (GE)

Related/Suggested Electives

MSM 4306 Motorsports Marketing (3 SH) (Fall semester only)

MSM 4308 Legal Aspects of Motorsports Management (3 SH) (Fall semester only)



Students in the motorsports management program engage in significant field experiences throughout the academic year. These experiences require students to be available on weekends to attend motorsports events.


Students are required to purchase program approved uniform apparel to be worn during field experiences.

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