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    Winston-Salem State University
  Aug 20, 2017
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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019

Music Business Minor

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Minor in Music Business

This minor is open to any student in the university and is designed to enhance career opportunities, to offer opportunities for literacy in the fields of music, business, and communications, and to serve the interests of the students. A minimum of 20 semester hours is required.


MUS    1220   Basic Musicianship                                     2

MUS    23xx   Survey of Contemporary/Popular Music     3

MUS    33xx   Introduction to Electronic Music                 3

MUS    3302   Overview of the Music Industry                 3

ECO    2311   Principles of Microeconomics                      3                 

BUA    3321   Principles of Management                          3

                   Approved Music Electives                             3

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