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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics Minor

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A minimum of 19 semester hours is required for a minor in this area. To satisfy the minor requirement, the following courses must be taken:

PHY 2321 - General Physics Id                                               PHY 3331 - Principles of Physics I

PHY 2121 - General Physics I Lab                       OR               PHY 3131 - Principles of Physics I Lab

PHY 2322 - General Physics II                                                    PHY 3332 - Principles of Physics II

PHY 2122 - General Physics II Lab                                         PHY 3132 - Principles of Physics II Lab


PHY 4301 - Modern Physics I

PHY 4101 - Modern Physics I Lab

PHY 4302 - Modern Physics II

PHY 4102 - Modern Physics II Lab

Advanced Physics Electivee - 3 Semester Hours


Course Notes

aSome graduate health professional programs, such as Physical Therapy and Pharmacy, may require two semesters of human anatomy as a prerequisite for admittance. If you are planning to attend one of these schools, it is recommended that you take the Anatomy and Physiology I sequence (BIO 2311/2111) and choose the Anatomy and Physiology II sequence (BIO 2312/2112) as an elective.

bEnrollment in MAT 2317 (Calculus I) is dependent upon performance on the Math placement exam. Some students may need to take one or all of the following courses to meet the pre-requisites for Calculus I: MAT 1311 (College Math), MAT 1312 (Pre-Calculus I), MAT 1313 (Pre-Calculus II). NOTE: Students may choose to take MAT 1401 (Precalculus and Trigonometry) in place of both MAT 1312 and MAT 1313.

cAdvanced Chemistry elective to be selected from: CHE 4314 – Quantum Mechanics; CHE 4315 – Adv. Analytical Chemistry; CHE 4316 – Adv. Organic Chemistry; CHE 4317 – Adv. Inorganic Chemistry; CHE 4347 – Biochemistry II.

dIf PHY 2311 and PHY 2312 are taken instead of PHY 3331 and PHY 3332, a C or better must be made in MAT 2317 before taking PHY 4301 – Modern Physics I.

eAdvanced Physics elective to be selected from: PHY 3334 - Optics; PHY 3335 - Electricity & Magnetism I; PHY 3325 – Introduction to Biophysics; PHY 3233 - Investigations and Research

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