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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Programs Governance


Winston-Salem State University aims to provide excellent master’s degree programs that enhance scholarship, leadership, and service within a student-centered environment. Admissions to graduate programs is administered by Graduate Admissions.  A Graduate Council made up of representatives of the faculty develops policies which guide graduate program development and quality.  Each of the degree programs operates within the policy guidelines.  Requirements for admission and continuance in the academic programs are described in this catalog.

Graduate Council Responsibilities and Membership

The Graduate Council consists of faculty members active in graduate programs who are elected or appointed according to the Constitution of the General Faculty at WSSU. These graduate faculty members represent the interests of graduate education as a whole, not of specific departments or programs. The Graduate Council assumes primary policy-making responsibility for the following functions. It reviews, makes recommendations on, and approves: new graduate degree and certificate programs including online programs; curricular revisions and changes in graduate academic programs; university-wide standards for student academic conduct in graduate programs; minimum admission standards; minimum course requirements including research projects; fellowships and assistantships; maximum length of time to complete degree; and minimum qualifications and reappointment periods of graduate faculty. Requests for policy changes are submitted to this committee through the Office of the Provost after they have been proposed, reviewed and approved by all appropriate graduate program faculty members, department and school/college committees, and administrators.

Each graduate department at Winston-Salem State University elects a faculty representative and an alternate to serve on this committee for a term as specified by the Faculty Constitution. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Faculty Senate serve as representative and alternate, respectively, and the Provost serves as an ex-officio member. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Graduate Council are elected by the council members for two-year terms. The recorder of the council is appointed by the Provost.