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2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The Department of Chemistry is focused on providing opportunities for students to develop academic and research skills to enhance their competitiveness in the global workforce or to gain admission into graduate/professional schools. In addition, the Department strives to offer professional development activities to support faculty in their teaching and research and to engage in activities that support the local community.


The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to offer major programs in Chemistry and minor programs in Chemistry and Physics. The Department also offers service courses in general chemistry, physical science, and physics for students in related areas and to fulfill components of the core curriculum.    

Departmental Goals

1.    To prepare students for graduate/professional school admission or entry-level professional positions.

2.    To provide effective advising and mentoring.

3.    To model effective teaching methods which promote student learning.

4.    To promote and facilitate faculty productivity in the scholarship of teaching, learning, and research.

5.    To provide a variety of courses in chemistry, physical science and physics as part of the core and service curricula.

6.    To provide service to the University and the community

Undergraduate Programs Offered

Major Programs


Chemistry (ACS-certified)

Chemistry (Pre-health professional concentration)

Chemistry (Biochemistry concentration; ACS-Certified)

Minor Programs



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