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2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Information Systems Major, BS

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Program Description

The curriculum of the major in management information systems (MIS) is designed to prepare students for careers involving the development and support of business processes which utilize information systems. Recent graduates have pursued careers in systems development, consulting, network administration, systems support, and information resource management. Many positions outside the traditional Information Systems (IS) area can also be pursued by MIS majors. A partial list of these includes technical marketing support, business analysis, and other opportunities requiring liaisons between technical IS people and non-technical clients. These roles allow graduates to use their business systems knowledge to pursue careers in virtually any functional area of an organization.

Flexible program requirements allow students to pursue a variety of interests. These requirements include 6 hours of approved electives and 6 hours of free electives. Double majors in business related fields are available. Students can enhance career opportunities by using elective courses to learn a foreign language or pursue minors and double majors.

Student Learning Outcomes

The learning goals of the MIS program are:
1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of information technology.
2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the various components of information systems.
3. Students will be prepared to participate in the development and support of comprehensive information systems.
4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the key technology trends that raise ethical issues. 

Major Requirements

The major requires a minimum of 72 semester hours (SH) of required courses, of which 21 SH may be used to satisfy general education requirements. These include 27 SH of courses in the major and 45 SH in the business core (18 SH of which are general education courses). Pre-requisites include 3 SH of pre-calculus (which also satisfies general education requirements), and 3 SH of business communications (which also satisfies general education requirements). Students not prepared to take pre-calculus may need to take additional preparatory mathematics classes.

Grades of “C” or better are required in all courses prefixed by ACC, BCO, BLA, ECO, FIN, MGT, MKT, MIS or QBA, and the pre-requisite courses

Pre-Requisite Courses

BCO 2311 – Business Communications (GE)

MAT 1312 – Pre-Calculus (GE)  (Unless placed into calculus)

Business Core Curriculum (45)

ACC 2316 – Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC 2317 – Principles of Managerial Accounting (prereq ACC 2316)

BLA 2325 – Business Law I (GE)

ECO 2311 – Principles of Microeconomics (GE)

ECO 2312 – Principles of Macroeconomics (GE)

FIN 3351 – Principles of Financial Management (prereq. ACC 2316, MAT 2312 ( “C” or higher)).

MGT 3322 – Organizational Behavior (Prereq Junior Status)

MGT 3350 – Fundamentals of International Business (GE)

MGT 4399 – Strategic Management  (prereq. MGT 3322, MKT 3331, FIN 3351, QBA 3370)

MIS 1380 – Microcomputer Applications (GE) or CSC 1306 – Computers and Its Use

MAT 2333 - Calculus for Business (GE) or MAT 2317 - Calculus (GE)

MKT 3331 – Principles of Marketing (prereq BCO 2311)

QBA 2325 – Business & Economic Statistics (prereq MAT 1312)

QBA 3370 – Statistics and Quantitative Methods of Business (prereq QBA 2325)

QBA 4377 – Production and Operations Management (prereq QBA 3370)

MIS Major - Requirements (27 hrs.)

MIS 2312 - Internet Technology (GE)

MIS 2320 - Structured System Building (preq. MIS 1380 or CSC 1306)

MIS 3330 - Information Systems Concepts (preq. MIS 1380 or CSC 1306)

MIS 3340 - Systems Analysis and Design (preq. MIS 2320)

MIS 3360 - Basic Concepts of Telecommunications (preq. MIS 1380 or CSC 1306)

MIS 3380 - File Structures and Database Operations (preq. MIS 1380 or CSC 1306)

MIS 4322 - Global Electronic Commerce (preq. MIS 1380 or CSC 1306)

MIS 4340 - Web System Development (preq. MIS 2312, MIS 3340 and MIS 3380)

MIS Elective (3 Hours)

The following courses: MIS 3320, MIS 3311, CSC 1310, and CSC 1311 are highly recommended to fulfill the 3 Hour MIS elective requirement. The MIS Elective may be taken from: MIS 3391 or MIS 4391 Internship (3 hrs. max.), other MIS courses, approved computer related, foreign language and/or mathematics courses (2000 level or higher). Double major or minor requirements may be used as approved electives.


Departmental Honors Award Requirements:

Eighteen (18) hours of junior and senior level honors courses

Nine (9) hours in the major discipline

Grades of A and B in all honors courses

Junior and Senior Honors Colloquia

Honors Thesis, Research/Creative Project

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