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2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Major, BS

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Program Description

The major in management prepares students for careers in management. This program is designed to develop and maintain progressive and innovative curricula, which prepare students to assume careers in business, industry, government, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures. This purpose will be served by faculty committed to effective teaching, to expanding intellectual knowledge in their fields and to provide community service. In this major, emphasis is placed on providing a broad scope of various academic disciplines so that students can develop an understanding and appreciation of the business world and its relationship to a global economy and society.

An optional Concentration in Human Resource Management that prepares students for a career in this specific field is available and is described in a following section. The curricula provide a sound background for those who are preparing for graduate study in business and related areas.

Student Learning Outcomes

The learning goals of the management major are to produce graduates who understand:

  1. Overall organizational goals and objectives and their interrelationship to structure, function, and human behavior.
  2. Current and emerging organizational concepts, functions, and roles of leadership and management across a variety of environmental and cultural settings.
  3. Workforce diversity, global concepts, new and emerging laws and regulations, social and demographic forces.
  4. How to work in and lead teams, to communicate effectively, to develop innovative solutions to problems, and to be proficient in the use of technology.

Major Requirements

The major requires a minimum of 72 semester hours (SH) of required courses, of which 18 SH may be used to satisfy general education requirements. These include 27 SH of courses in the major and 45 SH in the business core (18 SH of which are general education courses). Pre-requisites include 3 SH of pre-calculus (which also satisfies general education requirements), and 3 SH of business communications (which also satisfies general education requirements). Students not prepared to take precalculus may need to take additional preparatory mathematics classes.

Students seeking the Management Major must also complete the Business Core. Several of these courses may also count as part of the General Education requirement (GE).

Note: Grades of “C” or better are required in all School of Business and Economics courses and in MAT 1312. Those SBE courses are prefixed by ACC, BCO, BLA, BUA, ECO, FIN, MGT, MIS, MKT, or QBA.



Pre-Requisite Courses

BCO 2311 Business Communication (GE) 

MAT 1312 – Pre-Calculus (GE) (Unless placed into calculus) 


Business Core Curriculum (45 hours)


ACC 2316 – Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC 2317 – Principles of Managerial Accounting (prereq ACC 2316)

BLA 2325 – Business Law I  (GE) 

ECO 2311 – Principles of Microeconomics (GE)

ECO 2312 – Principles of Macroeconomics (GE)

FIN 3351 – Principles of Financial Management (prereq. ACC 2316, MAT 1312 with a C or higher)

MAT 2333 - Calculus for Business (GE) or MAT 2317 Calculus I (GE)

MGT 3322 – Organizational Behavior (Junior Status)

MGT 3350 – Fundamentals of International Business (GE)

MGT 4399 – Strategic Management (prereq. MGT 3322, MKT 3331, FIN 3351, QBA 3370)

MIS 1380 – Microcomputer Applications (GE) (or CSC 1306 – Computers and Its Use)

MKT 3331 – Principles of Marketing (prereq BCO 2311)

QBA 2325 – Business & Economic Statistics (prereq MAT 1312)

QBA 3370 – Statistics and Quantitative Methods of Business (prereq QBA 2325)

QBA 4377 – Production and Operations Management (prereq QBA 3370)



Management Courses (27)


ACC 3320 - Accounting for Management Decision-Making (preq. ACC 3317)

MGT 3321 - Principles of Management (preq.Junior standing and  BCO 2311)

MGT 3324 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (preq. ACC 3320, MGT 3321)

MGT 3326 - Introduction to Human Resources Management ( preg Junior Standing)

MGT 4347 - Managing Organization Development and Change (preq. MGT 3321, MGT 3322)      

MGT 4349 - Quality Management and Control (preq. MGT 3321)                                      

MGT 4386 - Global Issues in Management  (preq. MGT 3321)

MGT 4388 - Contemporary Issues in Management (preq. MGT 3322)                                 

MGT 4387 - Leadership: A Practical and Theoretical Approach (Preq. MGT 3322)                                          


 Concentration Requirements

Management- Concentration in Human Resource Management

Program Description

The major in Management with a Concentration in Human Resource Management prepares the student for careers in the field of Human Resource Management. This program provides students with an understanding of the basic activities performed by human resource professionals. In addition, this program enables students to think critically so that they can manage rapid changes, as they relate to human resources, in order to create a competitive advantage.

Student Learning Outcomes

The learning goals of the management major with a concentration in Human Resources are to produce graduates who understand:

  1. Current and emerging organizational concepts, as well as the functions and roles of Human Resource professionals across a variety of environmental and cultural settings.
  2. Theories, models, and tools relevant to managing human resources.
  3. The implications of Human Resource policies, and how said policies will contribute to or detract from the successful execution of organizational strategies.
  4. The social, ethical, cultural, legal, and regulatory issues related to the practice of Human Resource Management.

Major Requirements

The requirements for the pre-requisites and the Business Core are the same. The concentration in Human Resource Management requires the following 27 semester hours in management courses.



Major Courses (27)


MGT 3326- Introduction to Human Resource Management

MGT 3321 - Principles of Management (Preq. Junior standing and BCO 2311.)

MGT 4387 - Leadership: A Practical and Theoretical Approach (Prereq. MGT 3322.)


MGT 4347 - Managing Organizational Development and Change (Prereq. MGT 3321 & MGT 3322) 

*MGT 4335 - Compensation and Benefits (Prereq. MGT 3326 & Junior standing) 

*MGT 4337 – Employee and Labor and Relations (Prereq. MGT 3326 & Junior Standing) 

*MGT 4338 – Organizational Staffing (Prereq. MGT 3326 & Junior Standing) 

*MGT 4336 – Human Resource Performance Management, Training and Development (Prereq. MGT 3326 & Junior Standing)

*MGT 4348 - Human Resource Management and Employment Law (Prereq. MGT 3326 & Junior Standing) 

MGT 4385 – Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management   (MGT 3326 & Junior Standing)   

*Students are required to take four of these five courses



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