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2022-2023 Supplemental Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Supplemental Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration Major, BS

Program Description

The business programs at Winston Salem State University offer accessible quality undergraduate and graduate education, which build upon a liberal arts foundation within the nurturing tradition of a Historically Black College and University. Our mission is to develop skilled business professionals using transformative learning experiences in a student-centered environment.  

Students will be exposed to a broad spectrum of activities, academic disciplines and specialty functions within organizations (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing and Management Information System (MIS)), whether they operate for profit or not.  A blend of academic studies enriched with experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities prepare students to enter a challenging environment with the confidence and skills to be successful.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Students will be able to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations where key ideas, findings, and recommendations are presented in a thoughtful and logical manner 

• Students will be able to research, organize and write a professional paper on a business topic. 

• Students will be able to objectively recognize and apply appropriate theoretical frameworks to managerial and business issues/problems 

• Students will have analytical skills to solve business-quantitative problems and effectively communicate solutions 

• Students should be able to summarize and discuss the impact of an experiential learning experience gained through academically-related activities or business professional organizations.  

Overview of Major Requirements

Students majoring in Business Administration must satisfy the general education course requirements, complete the required major courses outlined below, and take electives for a minimum total of 120 semester hours (SH) in order to graduate. Where noted, a particular pre-requisite course can be taken as part of the general education (GE) requirements.  A minimum grade of C- or better is required in each prerequisite and major course.

It is suggested that students take the following courses as part of their general education experience MAT 1312 - Pre-Calculus I , BLA 2325 - Business Law I , ECO 2311 - Principles of Microeconomics , ECO 2312 - Principles of Macroeconomics , and MIS 1380 - Business Computing .

The major is organized into foundational, breadth and depth courses.  The Foundation courses introduce students to the whole spectrum of business functions and activities that are common across all types of business. Some foundational courses may be part of the general education curriculum.  The Breadth courses focus on major fields of business that students may consider as their particular pathway to a career or preparation for graduate studies. The Depth courses are particular to each concentration/track and provide education required by specialists within organizations. The program offers five concentration areas for more in-depth study: Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. It also offers an Honor’s option for all business majors.

Major Curriculum


MAT 1312 - Pre-Calculus I  (GE)

Foundation Courses (24 hours, 12 of which satisfy GE Requirements)

ACC 2316 - Principles of Financial Accounting  (3 SH)  

BLA 2325 - Business Law I  (3 SH) (GE)

ECO 2311 - Principles of Microeconomics  (3 SH) (GE)               

ECO 2312 - Principles of Macroeconomics  (3 SH) (GE)             

MGT 2321 - Principles of Management  (3 SH)               

MIS 1380 - Business Computing  (3 SH) (GE)                         

MKT 2331 - Principles of Marketing  (3 SH)                                    

QBA 2325 - Business & Economic Statistics  (3 SH)

Breadth (12 Semester Hours)

ACC 2317 - Principles of Managerial Accounting  (3 SH)                    

QBA 3370 - Statistics and Quantitative Methods of Business  (3 SH)                              

FIN 3351 - Principles of Financial Management           

QBA 3377 - Operations Management            

Depth Tracks (24 Credit Hours)                 

Students choose from the following areas: Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing. 


Finance allows students to pursue one of two paths. First, graduates may choose to enter the corporate world as financial managers, in order to one day advise and analyze the financial health of corporations and other firms. Second, graduates may choose to become prepared toward sitting for the Certified Financial Planner ® Exam. Certified Financial Planner ® Certificants are known as ethical and knowledgeable financial advisors. Given that the days of pension plans are fading, and workers need to design and oversee their own financial futures, financial planners are in high demand.

ACC 3314 - Income Tax Accounting I   

FIN 3357 - Personal Financial Planning  (GE)

FIN 4378 - Investment Planning   

FIN 4383 - Insurance Planning   

MGT 4399 - Strategic Management  (Capstone)

Plus select either Corporate Finance or Personal Financial Planning Track

Corporate Finance Track

FIN 3368 - International Finance  

FIN 4379 - Financial Institutuions and Markets    

FIN 4381 - Intermediate Financial Management   

Personal Financial Planning Track

FIN 4320 - Retirement Planning   

FIN 4330 - Estate Planning   

FIN 4385 - Advanced Financial Planning 


The management depth area is designed to develop and maintain progressive and innovative curricula, which prepare students to assume careers in business, industry, government, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures. This purpose is served by faculty committed to effective teaching, to expanding intellectual knowledge in their fields and to provide community service. Emphasis is placed on providing a broad scope of various academic disciplines so that students can develop an understanding and appreciation of the business world and its relationship to a global economy and society.

MGT 3322 - Organizational Behavior   

MGT 4348 - Human Resource Management and Employment Law   

MGT 4349 - Services and Quality Management  

MGT 4386 - Global Issues in Management  

MGT 4399 - Strategic Management  (Capstone)

Plus select 3 courses from among:

MGT 3320 - Project Management Tools & Concepts   /MIS 3320 - Project Management Tools & Concepts   

MGT 3324 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management   

MGT 3391 - Management Internship   /MGT 4391 - Management Internship   

MGT 4347 - Managing Organization Development and Change  

MGT 4387 - Leadership: A Practical and Theoretical Approach   

MGT 4388 - Business, Society, and Sustainability   

Management Information Systems (MIS)

The MIS depth area is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in management information systems. MIS careers take our graduates to business and government, to non-profit organizations and to entrepreneurial ventures. Students are trained to provide the linkage between the strategic needs of organizations and the technologies that are capable of transforming them. Roles vary from specialized duties of database administration, project management, network management and social computing to generalized business functions that allow graduates to infuse their technology knowledge in broader business/strategic teams.

MIS 2312 - Internet Technology  (GE)

MIS 3320 - Project Management Tools & Concepts  

MIS 3330 - Information Systems Concepts   

MIS 3340 - Business Information Systems Analysis, Design, and Development    

MIS 3360 - Basic Concepts of Telecommunications   

MIS 3380 - File Structures and Database Operations  

MIS 4322 - Global Electronic Commerce   

MGT 4399 - Strategic Management  (Capstone)


The marketing depth area is designed to provide students with fundamental preparation in general marketing with an overall understanding of marketing as the creation, communication and delivery of value for any organization. The marketing faculty is dedicated to student development of marketing fundamentals like segmentation, target marketing, differentiation and positioning, as well as specialized areas of marketing such as social media and services marketing. Students will be prepared to assume a wide range of organizational positions including selling, customer service, product development, promotions, social media marketing, distribution and many other areas.

MKT 3334 - Integrated Marketing Communications  

MKT 3335 - Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior   

MKT 4376 - Marketing Research   

MKT 4380 - Marketing Strategy  

MGT 4399 - Strategic Management  (Capstone)

Plus select 3 courses from among:

MKT 3302 - Business Plan Foundations    

MKT 3303 - Fundamentals of Nonprofit Marketing   

MKT 3305 - Entrepreneurial Marketing    

MKT 3332 - Principles of Retailing   

MKT 3391 - Marketing Internship  /MKT 4391 - Marketing Internship   

MKT 4302 - Selling and Sales Management   

MKT 4370 - Services Marketing  

MKT 4372 - Social Media Marketing   

MKT 4379 - International Marketing